Anti-Corruption And Bribery

  • Policy Statement

    STRAITS ENERGY RESOURCES BERHAD (“STRAITS”) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred as “STRAITS Group”or “the Group”) strives to conduct its business in line with the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and accountability. This policy applies globally to the management, employees and contract workers within STRAITS Group. Pursuant to these ethical standards, STRAITS has adopted a stand of zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption, especially in respect of bribery, malpractice and misconduct and used best endeavour to ensure business dealing is conducted in a fair, transparent and ethical manner.

  • Introduction
  • i. Objectives of the Policy
  • ii. Coverage of the Policy
  • iii. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • iv. Infringement of the Policy
  • v. Responsibility of the Policy
  • vi. Facilitation Payment
  • vii. Kickbacks
  • viii. Gifts
  • ix. Corporate Hospitality
  • x. Entertainment
  • xi. Political Donations
  • xii. Charitable Contributions
  • xiii. Conflicts of Interest
  • xiv. Regular Monitoring and Review
  • xv. Communication and Training
  • xvi. Record Keeping